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Cheers Talk Free Calls Offer
Free Calls Offer

How many of you would have believed that you could make free calls to destinations across the world ? It may still sound unbelievable! But with Cheers Talk, free calls to over 60 destinations have become a possibility. The good news is that these calls are not just free but also of very high quality.

FREE calls… Yes, free calls on 0208 access number to selected destinations. Hurry! Available only for a limited time. Terms & conditions apply.

To make your free call, Just Dial 0208 775 8131 and enter your destination to get connected. So why wait, browse through the list of countries (indicated below) against which the offer is valid and get started now!

Please feel free to address any queries you may have regarding the Free Call offer, regular services or info about the company to our Customer Care Representative by phone: 0208 775 0145 or by mail:

Each call is free to the selected destinations below for the first 2 minutes, after that normal charges will apply as shown on the rates drop down menu on home page. You can make as many 2 minute calls as you want without being charged.

You can have free calls on 0208 775 8131 with Cheerstalk to the following destinations:

Australia Landline
Brazil Landline
Brunei & Mobile
Canada & Mobile
Chile Landline
Cyprus Landline
Denmark Landline
Denmark H3G Mobile
Denmark Sonofon Mobile
Denmark TDC-M Mobile
Denmark Telia Mobile
Estonia Landline
France Landline
Germany Landline
Greece & Mobile
Guadeloupe Landline
Guadeloupe Digicel Mobile
Greece & Mobile
Guadeloupe Landline

Guadeloupe Digicel Mobile
Guadeloupe Orange Mobile
Hong Kong & Mobile
Hungary Landline
Iceland Landline
Ireland Landline
Israel & Mobile
Italy Landline
Korea South & Mobile
Lithuania & Mobile
Luxembourg Landline
Malaysia & Mobile
Malta Landline
Mexico Landline
Morocco Landline
Netherlands Landline
New Zealand Landline
Peru Landline
Poland Landline

Portugal Landline
Puerto Rico & Mobile
Romania Landline
Russia Moscow
San Marino Landline
Singapore & Mobile
Slovakia Landline
Slovenia Landline
South Africa Landline
Spain Landline
Sweden & Mobile
Switzerland Landline
Taiwan Landline
Thailand & Mobile
United Kingdom & Mobile
United States & Mobile
Vatican Landline
Venezuela & Mobile

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